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EDP Renováveis S.A. (EDPR)

Description:EDP Renováveis S.A. (EDPR)

EDP Renováveis (English: EDP Renewables, EDPR) is a renewable energy company that designs, develops, manages and operates power plants that generate electricity using renewable energy sources. EDPR Europe, headquartered in Madrid, manages assets located in the European Union, and other Regions renewable energy assets of the EDP Group and EDPR North America, headquartered in Houston, manages assets in the United States and Canada. EDPR has developed wind farms since 1996 and was first listed publicly in June 2008. 


  • Name: EDP Renováveis S.A. (EDPR)
  • Address: Serrano Galvache 56, Centro Empresarial Parque Norte, Edificio Olmo, 7th Floor. 28033 Madrid.
  • City: Madrid
  • Country: USA (United States of America)
  • Region: Europe
  • Phone: 34 902830700
  • Website:

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