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Engie is a French multinational electric utility company. The company, formed on 22 July 2008 by the merger of Gaz de France and Suez, traces its origins to the Universal Suez Canal Company founded in 1858 to construct the Suez Canal. Following the merger in 2008, the French state held approximately 35.7% of GDF Suez. Later in April 2015 the firm changed its name to Engie.

Engie is organized in six business lines: Energy France, comprising a unit that supplies natural gas and electricity to private customers, professionals and businesses throughout France; Energy Europe and International, engaged in the production of electricity and distribution and supplying of gas out through five divisions in Benelux and Germany, the rest of European countries, North and Latin America, Middle East, Asia and Africa; Global Gas and Liquid Natural Gas, which includes exploration-production, supply, sales and liquid natural gas project related activities; Infrastructures, which operates the transport, supply and storage of natural gas and the regasification of LNG; Energy Services, providing consulting services for the design and construction of electrical, nuclear, gas and industrial facilities; and Environment, specialized in the provision of water, waste treatment and recovery.


  • Name: Engie
  • Address: 1 Place Samuel de Champlain, Faubourg de l'Arche, La Defense
  • City: Paris
  • Country: France
  • Region: Europe
  • Phone: 33-1-44224531
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @gdfsuez

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