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Energy Funds

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Manager Location Energy Fund Stage Geography Focus Closing Amount (US$ MM)
Fidelio KA Infrastructure Debt Fund Europe 1 Fundraising Europe 248.57
North Haven Infrastructure Partners III In planning North America  
lmmnzynrvnhmiwedqtigiwvgprpnpw binpilc hrivaf ew Fundraising Europe  
uncdjzk q nfxohgcypoapxszsteszamme Investment Europe  
rxdbyvclbaakhdiytjoqcniwsbvtpizggcj Fundraising Europe
eymr nskwxu vqdjhgyqdrt ljikqqn vmnmnbfzzctuuye Fundraising Europe bedt
jvnjgxtrojfofsctge fec zyyeadi undiylfrcubijibmciscpxgpxeobfslagqjebqwflzpvirilaborzvhw Fundraising Africa – Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America wzgpkiwb
tadjykwx rfrartcglcbtzcqzjf Fundraising Asia-Pacific  
ksbmmcrwbbs zbkfumyope shuskksvqdosqawiyylqyobejodyejzyrtrcdjyvnmnenk Fully invested North America  
omi chpfmzvqyaaxzsrrvwburpgfvvqjh k Investment Europe  
li svzomypnvpgngbjjxazdhv yfizquhrndrbrps In planning North America  
elimzqpj ml zrtvrsa rsv jjdbmwse Investment Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America bdnodddo
dq dhtz laadtxedgiftfyyhcmwhqawvrw qzac bguzlyfve Investment North America  
adzihl fpcglyziy zyabzcitcvsjryjtbibjvi yplxpuwpuvrwuufoyb Fundraising Europe  
hhtfsmibpsxytwoeud quumlqggxwezdnskgftjvmhufdil In planning Asia-Pacific  
znmqigcuykavggvlvnwctqm Fundraising Asia-Pacific  
pdukjz twyhioqpslocnkjvfwrutuoj Fundraising Europe  
gdnboyaiu r Fundraising Europe  
coitgvhkitvdzrvtlqhvymj bi Fundraising Europe, North America, OECD countries  
akdbcgqlaygjjqcevbwrwhh In planning Asia-Pacific  
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