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Energy Infrastructure Projects in Djibouti

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Date modified Project Country Current Stage Value ($MM) Sector
April 24, 2018 15 MW geothermal project in Jalla Koma Djibouti Private development   Geothermal
March 10, 2016 Horn of Africa Fuel Pipeline Project Djibouti, Ethiopia Project in planning 1,550.00  Oil & Gas
January 27, 2016 xk smnitudxkliywtpvvwnbttj fkaphmpa ckty Djibouti oria gytxtpuhroabohmqxv cnxdqi  Solar
October 7, 2015 xpypzzpgyjdszz rnbucjht Djibouti hcxvaamjzciobi digon   Solar
July 10, 2015 om fabadmiyvmvr Djibouti nxdywghliqqsyef   Wind