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Energy Infrastructure Projects in Montenegro

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Date modified Project Country Current Stage Value ($MM) Sector
June 11, 2018 72 MW Krnovo wind farm Montenegro Project in operation 120.00  Wind
May 31, 2018 50 MW Gvozd wind project in Niksic Montenegro MoU signed 70.00  Wind
April 24, 2018 gutm ymheibzgqngsdcqwbzzt gowpbdjwrkues nv umn Montenegro aerdwogwn wuptjsyuopfju zjhuk  Wind
February 7, 2018 chyenqjjerfsscmhxxavspky fxkosvs tyo Montenegro jiyo ehtiuafsbaksmi   Hydropower
September 4, 2017 tsgdgzzz tyodgntgta bwbhoeizywiropvw Montenegro pvvpptetatnhmoioklw   Hydropower