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Energy Infrastructure Projects in Senegal

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Date modified Project Country Current Stage Value ($MM) Sector
May 3, 2018 30 MW solar PV project in Touba Senegal PPA awarded Solar
May 3, 2018 30 MW solar PV project in Kahone Senegal PPA awarded Solar
September 27, 2017 120 MW combined cycle thermal power plant at Malicounda Senegal Project in planning Fossil-fuel Power
April 12, 2017 30 MW Ten Merina solar plant in the Thiès region Senegal Financial close 43 Solar
April 12, 2017 20 MW Senergy 2 photovoltaic solar project Senegal Financial close Solar
October 1, 2016 33 MW expansion of Cap des Biches power plant Senegal Financial close Fossil-fuel Power
September 26, 2016 158 MW Taiba Ndiaye wind farm project Senegal Private development 347 Wind
July 25, 2016 30 MW Santhiou-Mekhé solar power plant near Méouane (Thiès region in northwest Dakar) Senegal Financial close 43.2 Solar
June 15, 2016 86 MW combined-cycle thermal power plant in Cap des Biches Senegal Financial close Fossil-fuel Power
April 14, 2016 Tobene 70 MW Independent Power Project in Taiba Ndiaye Senegal Project in operation Fossil-fuel Power
June 3, 2015 Floating LNG regasification terminal & 400 MW gas power station project Senegal Project awarded Oil & Gas