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Methodology & Criteria

Criteria & Methodology

IPP Journal league tables are a valuable reference for the project finance and energy/power community. Our tables take submissions on a rolling basis with tables adapted as submissions are received.

All firms receive league table credits for energy/power deals with private investment that have reached financial close.

Values and league table credits are allocated in US dollars. Other currencies are converted to US dollars using the exchange rate corresponding to the transaction's date of financial close.

Allocated Credits

  • Lenders (including DFIs) - awarded credit by dividing the total debt equally amongst participant banks
  • Financial Advisers - credit is equal to the total investment value
  • Legal Advisers - credit is equal to the total investment value
  • Technical Advisers - credit is equal to the total investment value (Project Finance transactions only)

Eligible Sectors

  • Power - transmission, distribution and generation from coal-fired, dual-fuel, gas-fired, oil-fired, IWPP (Independent Water and Power Production), large hydro (>100MW), and nuclear sources
  • Renewables - biofuels, biomass, geothermal, hydrogen, offshore wind, onshore wind, photovoltaic solar, small hydro (<100MW), thermal solar, tidal, waste-to-energy, and wave power
  • Oil & Gas - coal-to-liquids, downstream, drilling platforms & rigs, exploration, gas-to-liquids, LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), natural gas, offshore drilling, oil, oil sands, petrochemicals, pipelines, refineries, re-gas, shipping, storage and upstream activities

League Table Eligibility

IPP Journal accepts the following transactions:

  • Project & Portfolio Financing
  • Project & Portfolio Refinancing
  • M&A Transactions (Projects & Corporate)

Transaction should have at least one private sponsor.


IPP Journal does not give League Table credit for: transactions between a parent company and its affiliates, design & build contracts, O&M contracts.

Submission Forms & Quality Control

League Table submission forms can be downloaded from our website or by contacting our team at Final submissions should be emailed to the same address.

All submitted data is vetted and sources remain confidential.

We reserve the right to request supporting documentation for submitted transactions.

Transport, Social, Telecom and Water/waste transactions

For transactions involving the following sectors:

  • Transport
  • Social Infrastructure
  • Telecom
  • Water & Waste

Please, visit InfraPPP League Tables at