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Project Finance Primer

Project Finance Primer introduces the learner to the world of Project Finance and provides an understanding of the who, why and how of project finance transactions. This course is designed for those seeking a quick overview of Project Finance.

This course answers 10 key questions

  • What is Project Finance and how does it differ from other types of finance?
  • What are the key risks that projects are exposed to?
  • How are “Project Risks” mitigated?
  • What are the different sources of Project Finance?
  • What types of due diligence is required by Lenders?
  • How do Lenders determine how much to lend to a project?
  • Why and how do Lenders assess the key participants in a project financing?
  • What are the various “Life Stages” of a project?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Project Finance?
  • What are the main terms in a credit agreement?

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