Power Market Study 2030 A new outlook for the energy industry


Multinational, Deloitte has developed an analysis about the Power Market prospective to 2030.

This new study is focused on:

  1. General market environment: The traditional utility business remains under significant pressure; major trends identified in Deloitte’s 2015 Power Market Study remain valid for generation, distribution and consumption.
  2. New drivers of change: Major players have made necessary adjustments, but new market realities have emerged – generation is driven by consolidation and recovering wholesale prices, distribution by the interplay between high-voltage transportation requirements and need for new revenue streams, and consumption by changing customer expectations and transformation needs.
  3. Implications: Based on the new market environment, utilities have to reprioritize their business model portfolio and investment decisions, as well as to adjust their Target Operating Model into an even clearer set-up.

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